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Caltrain XPress app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 9648 ratings )
Travel Navigation
Developer: Touch Technologies
Current version: 4.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 08 Apr 2009
App size: 1.13 Mb

Simple and easy to use Caltrain schedule application.

- Weekdays and Weekends timetables, fares, train number and train type - White regular | Yellow limited | Red Baby bullet.
- Works without internet connection.
- Remembers your stations.
- No Tamien/San Jose weekend bus shuttle.

Pros and cons of Caltrain XPress app for iPhone and iPad

Caltrain XPress app good for

Im glad they got rid of the military time when listing the train departure/arrival times.
I love Caltrain and my life depends on it. This app is really useful but could do more. For example, quickly look up the closest station. Maybe give walk/bike directions to it. Otherwise I havent noticed the issues with AM/PM confusion other reviewers mention, but I use a 24h format in my iPhone, so that might explain.
Better than other apps in UI and usability but the timetables are a bit old which may result in inaccurate schedules. I still think it is much more readable than other apps but needs an update.
Just used the new app for the first time and really loved it. Its user friendly and simple. Yet all the info you need is right there. Train passengers will definitely like this app.
Perfect format for train schedule like Caltrains. Starting point to end point, show me the next three trains. Use frequently to plan for changes in my commute.
I use it everyday. Gives you an easy view of the next three trains from A to B, and the timetable of trains. Now only if it showed delays in real time!

Some bad moments

Quick and simple app. But the time table is wrong and needs to be updated. If the time table was correct then I would give it 5 stars.
App does not keep schedule up to date. Functionality works great though, if only it were correct.
Schedule is not updated... Made me miss my train and I had to wait for 40 mins for the next one :(
Train times havent been updated. No response from developer. Unmaintained. Do not rely on this app.
The app is no longer updated with current train schedules, which renders it worthless. It should be removed from the App Store.
Outdated schedule!! The schedule was updated 2 months ago! 60days without an updated is wack.